The notaries of the notary office “Pynzenyk & Moiseieva” commit notarial acts as follows:

1) certify deeds (agreements, wills, powers of attorney etc.);

2) take measures related to succession;

3) issue Certificates of an inheritance right;

4) issue Certificates of the right of ownership for part in joint property of marital partners in the event of one partner’s death;

5) issue Certificates on property acquisition at open bidding (public auctions);

6) issue Certificates on property acquisition at open bidding (public auctions), if the open bidding (public auctions) did not take place;

7) make an inventory of the property attached of individuals who have been acknowledged by a court to be missing in place unknown, or whose location is unknown;

8 ) issue duplicate copies of notarial documents that are kept in the notary’s files;

9) impose and release restrictions for alienation of immovable property (property rights for real estate) and vehicles being subject to state registration;

10) certify that the copies (photocopies) of documents and extracts from them are true;

11) certify authenticity of signature in the documents;

12) certify accurateness of the documents’ translation from one language into another;

13) certify the fact that an individual or a legal entity is a testamentary executor;

14) certify the fact that an individual is alive;

15) certify that an individual is being at a certain location;

16) certify the date when the documents were submitted;

17) pass applications of individuals and legal entities to other individuals and legal entities;

18) accept on deposit money and securities;

19) make executory endorsement;

20) make a protest;

21) make marine protest;

22) accept documents for keeping.

Convenient location, notarial acts can be committed in the location specified by the client if needed.

Consulting of the clients on the matters related to the committed notarial acts.

At the wish of a client the text of would-be deed can be agreed through e-mail.

If you need a notarial act, don’t hesitate to apply to the private notary office “Pynzenyk & Moiseieva”.