The staff of the private notarial office “Pynzenyk & Moiseeva” strictly respect the notarial secret, which, we believe, is prerequisite for client’s trust.

According to professional ethics and effective legislation the staff members of the notarial office have no right to disclose information received during the notarial act commitment or when the interested person applies to the notary, as well as to use it in their own interest. Staff members of the notarial office are obliged to keep notarial secret even if their activity is limited by rendering of aid and advice in legal matters or familiarization with documents and notarial act or an act equated with notarial act was not committed.

Herewith a notary has no right to give evidence as an affiant concerning the issues recognized as notarial secret, except for the cases when it is demanded by the persons who initiated the notarial act or who are related to the abovementioned act.

Working with our clients we apply the principles of the clients interests’ supremacy, also we use our experience and knowledge of the Law of Ukraine. We always work operationally and solve the problems concerned in the shortest time possible.

We are improving our services constantly and do what is necessary for new clients to feel as our long-term customer, and for our long-term clients to keep trusting in us.